Freeze after login - XP pro

By manyourisms
Jul 27, 2007
  1. Hey guys. I must say I am usually able to figure these things out, and if not i'm a good googler, but Google isn't helping me right now.

    I have an AMD machine with xp pro on it. After restarting my computer I cannot get to my desktop as myself or administrator. There were a few strange things leading up to this. First, the reason for my restart. No programs wanted to open. Even task manager would not open, from control alt delete, or right clicking the taskbar and going to task manager. I decided to restart my computer, then another weird thing happened, it came up to the login screen. It doesn't usually do this, it automatically logs in, and i havent made changes to networking or anything of the sort. After i try and log in, i get my customized wallpaper, (different for both users) and it stays there. I can see the cursor arrow turn into an hour glass like it is trying to open the startup programs, but then that is it. At this point I have tried safe boot to no avail. Last good didnt help. I installed windows again in c:\windows.0 and am able to boot into that installation. Currently I am running chkdisk from the recovery console, about 7% complete, reporting lots of
    "CHKDSK is performing additipnal checking or recovery..." so we will see how that goes. Any suggestions what might be happening here if this doesnt fix it? Thanks in advance, Jesse
  2. tipstir

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    Welcome to Techspot with your very first posting... :)

    The best thing you could do is put that HDD into another PC where the CDrom is and backup what you need. Then put hat HDD back into your PC and wipe the drive using wipe-it which is free just google it. That will take a while to do.. Once that's done you can format the C: with NTFS and install a fresh copy of XP of your choice. This is the best method I can recommend because you can't even get into the admin safe mode. I won't even bother go and setup recovery because that's might not even help you out or repair XP, never seems to be the same.
  3. manyourisms

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    Turned out to be a pesky virus! Thanks, backup + reinstall fixed it.
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