Freezes which cause the computer to repeat the last sound it made repeatedley

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Jan 30, 2010
  1. Sorry, I've put this in the wrong forum and will be pasteing it to the right one now, please delete this if a mod walks by.
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    I would not rank McAfee very highly for ability to find malware. There are others better, plus an excellent help on this site

    As to whether or not your symptoms really are due to a trojan, it is unclear at this stage. After scans following the guidance above, you will have a better idea, but it could equally well be something else, such as lack of full updates to Vista, or a bug in the sound driver.

    Is the sound provided by a motherboard chip, or a separate sound card? In either case, you need to find out and obtain the latest driver, which will either be a motherboard driver or sound card driver. I do not take the repeated sound as totally significant, as you are doing things on the PC that make it give noises continuously, and the repeating noise symptom could simply be the Vista OS going into a loop.

    As to system spec, just look in Control panel/system/hardware, device manager for basics, or google for Belarc advisor or Everest You want everest home edition2.20 and be careful, it is one of those sites where it is easy to download something else by mistake, that you will be asked to pay for....

    BTW, when you find the application is locked up, you rarely need to emergency switch off the whole PC, and note this can be dangerous in various ways. It is almost always enough to press ctrl-alt-delete together (the three-finger-salute) and up pops windows task manager, wherupon you can choose the applications tab and stop the offending application in a controlled manner. But first, when you learn more, you will find the task manager a very useful aid to what is happenening. You can for instance, discover what thread is occupying all the CPU at the time. A controlled close also allows the application to write to standard error files, and sooner-or-later you will get one of us asking you to look for error in the event log - so there is lots to learn yet !
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    It's not just the application not working, its the entire computer, the mouse stops, Ctrl,Alt,Delete never works, and the computer just becomes 100% unresponsive.

    The Sound card I am fairly certain is just some built in crap. I hate drivers so much, I wish there was a program that would tell me exaclty what I needed to get for what and how, but I guess nothing comes that easy.

    I'll follow the links now :)
  4. Moospammer

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    Oh yeah, is this in the right forum? I changed the top of the thing to state that it was in the wrong one as I thought it was and copied it to another forum (BSoD, Freezing, etc) so I'd appriciate it if we could shuffle on over there.
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    Right, I'm currently running the scans, I had a suprising amount of adware, I always thought I was good for staying away from them but oh well. Mostly off MyWebSearch, the annoying browser that used to pop up instead of any other search engine, I disabled the addon with IE (Which I rarley use) and it seemed to go fine.

    It found 2 trojans, details of which should be in the log, so far today, no crashes. :)

    I have a sneeking suspicion it may be due to the caseing of my computer being budget. My friend used to work in a computer repair shop and I remember him saying a while back the sheer amount of times they've loosened the screws and it stopped crushing the motherboard was suprising. Then again, what do I know, I'm in my first year of college.
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