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Jun 2, 2010
  1. I have a Compaq Presario 6000. It regularly freezes up. Sometimes once a day, sometimes more than five times a day. I am able to restart it then it is fine for a bit. I am wondering if it is the power/fan having issues and cutting off. A friend thinks it is a virus. Have recently installed VIPRE, scanned, no virus. Help!!
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    My daughter has one of those Compaq Presario 6000s. Her wireless failed 5 months ago. Replaced wireless LAN card. No go. HP told me it is highly probable the failure is due to the system board itself. Through extensive research came to find out:

    1. HP's 6000 series was a MAJOR FAIL with their system boards. There were tons of this laptop series along with the 9000 that had wholesale replacements and it still didn't take care of the issue because of heat.

    2. I have two IT friends who fix, build, etc. PCs and laptops and they personally told me of the large number of damaged 6000 and 9000 boards in their shops.

    3. In some cases a failed LAN card goes before the board. Great.

    4. Run tests on your harddrive especially if it is a Toshiba. You can do so with Seagate's Seatools harddrive diagnostic utility. It is free.

    5. How old is your system? Are your vents/fans free of dust? Do you use a cooling pad?

    *** Also, who makes VIPRE?
  3. sidrastralia

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    VIPRE is from Sunbelt Software.
    No cooling pad.
    Recently cleaned out vents, etc - no help.
    Computer was purchased somewhere 2003-2006, not sure.
    I know it has an AMD Athlon XP processor.
  4. Route44

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    I may have assumed it is a laptop. Is it a laptop or PC?
  5. sidrastralia

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    It is a PC
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