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Frequent Internet disconnects/slowing

By Majeh
Jul 1, 2012
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  1. Heya; I just had my system checked out by the kind people in the Malware forum, but it doesn't seem like there's any bugs hiding on my computer, so Broni said I should probably post here instead.

    I've been having a problem with my internet - it's sort of an old contract that we've got with AT&T, I think, and it usually holds up for non-serious gaming; but recently, I've been having all sorts of issues with getting disconnected frequently from both games and the router alike.

    I have both a Rosewill 2x PCIE wireless adapter card and a Netgear 111v3 usb stick to try and use to connect to the internet, but when I've used one or the other, I haven't had much luck. The internet'll be relatively quick for a few minutes, and then die down; more precisely, I might get 5-10mbs for a couple minutes after connecting, and then end up somewhere around .5mbs. ...Unfortunately, .5mbs isn't even really enough to navigate one or even two tabs on Firefox efficiently.

    I originally installed the driver that was on the CD that came with my Rosewill card - I only added it into my desktop recently, since the Netgear's frequent overheating made for something of a hard limit to how much internet I could use - but I've downloaded a more recent driver from the Rosewill website as of last night, and for the time being, it seems like my internet's tentatively alright.

    Could all of this have just been an issue with my card driver?
    But how would that explain the slow internet when I turned off the card utility and connected through the USB stick?
    As of right now, my internet seems sort of alright, but I'm running both the card utility and the USB stick at the same time - and by that, I mean it seems to work out alright that my USB stick and my card can't seem to manage to hold a connection very well, but if I run both, at least there's a sort-of backup for when one inevitably fails. I want to say that this shouldn't be necessary, but I really can't figure out what else I could do/how to fix this, aside from upgrading the internet (Not my house) or moving closer to the router (stationary, on the other side of the house).

    Any suggestions or advice would be welcome!

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