Friends can't connect to Minecraft server

By xYeahxToastx
Aug 21, 2012
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  1. Hi, so I just got xfinity internet and before that I could host servers no problem. Now with this new internet and router its all new so I looked up youtube vids and found one that might help. I did everything as followed in the video and set up my ports and started the server. I connected with localhost on the computer im running it on but I cant connect with other computers, also I went to to see if my ports were open and they are. I tried giving my friends the ip from ipchicken but that didnt work, I tried using that ip with :25565 at the end but that didnt work, only thing that works is the localhost on the computer im hosting it on so im stuck now and I need help on how to get my friends and myself to connect using a different computer.
  2. jobeard

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    yes, your friends need to access you using this as a model
    http : // ipchicken_ip_address : mindcraft_server_port_number/ is reliable: ie it reports correctly when it can find the server port and can open it.
    It should be no different than your friends, but the ISP might have a QoS filter to mess with you,
    so try a none-standard port for Mindcraft and redo to the portforwarding setup.

    btw: be sure your MC server is always at the same local-ip address.

    LOKRAN TS Rookie

    Any idea how to port forward Shiro Corp, cause when I try to portforward, the says it cant see my port

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