Friends DSL connection slow

By thehobbitech
Nov 14, 2009
  1. The problem is this: (It started about 2 wks. ago.) Apart from the internet, the computer works fine, it's only the internet speed that is extremely slow. It's a 512Kbps DSL connection, and our 256Kbps connection (also DSL) is faster than theirs. Both our laptop, and the internet service men's laptop were connected to the same modem, and it worked fine, so that narrows it down to only an internal problem in the computer. My brother has been working on it (I haven't seen it) and he tried several things, such as: installing AVG 9.0 and scanning, installing another browser, trying it on Safe Mode, etc. The results were that there were no viruses, and the problem continued with the browser and safe mode and any other thing he tried. Since it isn't our computer, the only system specs we know are the following: an MSI motherboard; Windows XP SP3; and an integrated Nvidia NForce NIC. Sorry I can't get more specific.

    Does anybody have any idea as to what it could be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, thehobbitech
  2. thehobbitech

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    Hey, my brother finally got it fixed. He ran WinSock XP 1.2 and apparenly the problem was a TCP/IP Stack error or something like that. Thanks to my cousin who suggested running that program. :) thehobbitech
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