Friggin' XP Installations...!

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Oct 16, 2005
  1. Samstoned

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    bios chip should be close to the little battery on MB
    once you id the motherboard and the bios chip
    you can get a bootable flash utility from them
    i will keep a look out for other fixs for this I can see I may have a client walk in the door with one of those and i'll be at an end.
    someone else on another forum tossed his out the window.
    please be patient there's going to be lots around someone will fix the issue.
    if you can open the bugger up and post the info from the MB
    flashing bios is not for can end up with anchor
    another point if all the hardware inside can be removed
    cpu ,memory, video ,maybe better to get a MB that supports them. can you post image of MB
  2. im_confused

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    sorry for the late reply! had some work from uni to do. i can tell you the model of the motherboard if thats what you meant by ID my MB!
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