Frozen Mouse and Screen

By compused
Feb 4, 2009
  1. I have run 6 of the 8 stages of your virus/malware removal instructions and removed 9 Malware and about 15 spyware from my computer successfully.

    However, when I came to installing the HijackThis programme and clicked "HERE" in your instructions, the programme only wanted to save, not run, and wanted to save on my desktop, not in C:\Programme files etc. What's more the programme was called "downloadget.php". I actually saved this programme on my desktop but when I went to run it, Windows said it did not recognise this programme and asked whether I wanted to search the Internet. Alarm bells sounded very loudly and I quit without running it and have turned on my antivirus software once more (the free version of AVG).

    I tried this more than once and each time I got the same thing.

    I have attached my logs for the Malwarebytes and the SuperAntiSpyware, but need confirmation about the HijackThis programme please.

    HijackThis log is below. My other two logs were posted in an earlier post.

    I thought I had better add that I never managed to download HijackThis through your thread. I tried again this morning and got the same as before. In the end I went to Google and put "TrendMicro HijackThis 2.0.2" in the search engine and dowloaded from there.

    After running the 8-Steps Virus etc removal, I am still getting either a frozen mouse or frozen screen and having to force the computer to restart. Perhaps I should add that this occurs when I am either researching my genaelogy or playing games, neither of which are saved to my computer, so could it be the respective sites that are causing the problem.

    Your invaluable help would be most appreciated.
  2. gomez123098

    gomez123098 TS Rookie

    It's just prolly a broken old mouse. But what do you mean by the screen?
  3. compused

    compused TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 124

    I have never been able to get the hijackthis programme from your website. I always look for it myself and do it that way. If you test it youself, you will get what I get and the programme that wants to download looks very suspicious.

    Since I posted this query in January and you are only replying in August, this has long been sorted, but thanks for the belated reply anyway.

  4. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    I'm just looking at this now and I am wondering why you had a problem with HiJackThis...
    I downloaded all the 8-step (and others from this website and they worked fine.
    Anyway, I'm looking at your logs and see that you still need to run Avast or Avira.
    You should also install Process Explorer to see what processes are using your memory:
    If all this tests positive, then you may have to do a memory test, but let'see how it goes first.
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