Gag booter and windows 7

By gbhall
Jan 31, 2009
  1. Thought I would see what the fuss about Windows 7 beta is all about.

    Because I did not want to screw up my existing boots into various other systems on drive 0, which I can select via Gag booter, I changed the boot order to drive 1, and successfully installed Windows 7 beta on drive 1, As long as I leave the boot order to drive 1 first, I can boot into Windows 7 every time.

    When I changed back to drive 0, up comes the Gag booter as expected, and I added a Windows 7 option on drive1, together with the 'switch drives' setting which I suppose is necessary.

    Unfortunately, when this (Windows 7) option is chosen, it picks up the correct partition, but does not recognise it as a bootable partition. It says it is unable to boot, the notorious BOOTMGR not found message.

    Now I know Windoes 7 uses (yet another) different boot process the same as Vista, and I am asking if anyone can advise on how to make Gag booter understand Vista/Windows 7 boot process? As I imagine it, bootmgr is not missing, it is just pointing to the wrong drive. In XP this was easily remedied, because you could edit boot.ini and change expressions like Drive(0)Partition(1).... to Drive(1)Partition(1), but under Vista/Windows 7 there is no such easy method.....or is there?
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