Galaxy Note II coming to the US by mid-November on all major carriers

Shawn Knight

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Samsung has announced the gargantuan Galaxy Note II smartphone will be heading to all major wireless carriers in the US in time for the holidays. The company points out that individual pricing and retail availability will be announced by each...

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Its a nice blend between the two. Smaller then a 7 inch tablet and bigger then a average smartphone. Ive held the Galaxy Note, its not as big as everyone complains about. Im a big guy so it fits my hand easily. I would guess that those ppl complaining are not as tall with smaller hands so it may be to big for them. Otherwise, I loved the pen, only drawback is dont lose that pen another one to replace it costs some bucks. Cant wait to see this years model.


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If you have the Note 1 like me this is not worth an upgrade, its a minor speed bump with less resolution dumbed down to 720p. I'll skip it. Note 3 next year for me.


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I'm kind of thinking of waiting on the G2 myself. When they pushed ICS to my G1, it really opened it up. It stays on, 24/7, and I might restart it once a month.
Unless the G2 is really that much better, or has features that I like, I might just hold off, but, if you've been on the fence about "it's too big"....once you browse the web, view photos or videos, you won't want to go back to one of those less than 4.5" screens again ;)