Game Crashes (every game) Geforce GTX 1060 Notebook

Hello all,

I encounter some problem, when I play some game, I always get a critical error, sometimes even a blue screen.
when I check on dxdiag on display 2, Direct3D DDI become unknown and Direct3D Acceleration becomes Not Available
but when I restart the laptop, the Direct3D DDI becomes normal and Direct3D Acceleration become Available
this case not only 1 game but all games I try.

What I already did:

- Reinstall games
- Throttlestop to undervolt (tried every possible voltage)
- Tried roll back drivers
- install/reinstall the visual ++ Redistributable
- Format

Nothing worked, attached the dxdiag after the error.

This started last year, sometime after an driver update, cant recall which one.
Thx in advance.