Game issue, NIC is the problem

By Tha General
Mar 25, 2009
  1. Trying to play a game called Jericho, and I found the root of the problem with why its not working. it seems to be a ethernet issue. But i don't have a ethernet card install. I use admtek usb to fast ethernet adaptor. Now here is the problem. When i go into my bios and turn off i think its called Integrated NIC, Jericho does not want to even load up, but when i turn it on, i get a yellow question mark in device manager, and well i can't install it because i am not using a ethernet card, but jericho starts to load up, however it crashes when loading up to the menu.

    any ideas?

    And why in the hell am i having network issues related to games, i never had this issue a day in my life with my p3. The good thing i have manage to solve the other problems(thanks to everyone), but jericho is the only game thus far which does not load and it seems to be a network issue.
  2. Dolce

    Dolce TS Rookie

    Depending on which motherboard you have, even if you don't have an Ethernet card in one of the PCI slots, it may still have an ethernet chipset or jack on the motherboard itself. If you see a yellow question mark in Device Manager, that means your Windows detects a network chip that is missing the correct driver, even if you don't plan to use it, go track down your motherboard's drivers to install the ethernet driver for it.
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