GameFly prepping "Unlimited PC Play" service

Shawn Knight

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By-mail video game rental service GameFly will be launching an online client that allows for “Unlimited PC Play” later this year. More specifically, members will be able to download and…

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I'm pretty sure the video said something about selecting a game from any platform, and playing it on your PC or Mac. That's not true... right? I doubt they just built their own PS3 and 360 emulators...


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i'll be interested in this, very interested in this if they make the pricing enticing. like $9.99 a month. this can work if they allow user to download the full game, and can only run one game until user move on to the next.


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And in 2 years they're going to stop offering free downloads along with the subscription service, and they'll offer it as a separate paid service, and everyone will protest and say they'll cancel their gamefly subscriptions.


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Sounds pretty interesting if they can pull it off properly.

hiddenmist said:
lol wow steam is going to have competition
They don't seem to be a direct competitor but more of an alternative to the norm.


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This is AWESOME! If they can pull this off I will definitely sign up for a gamefly account. Instead of pirating games to test them I'd be able to do that here and if I want to own them, just wait for a steam sale!