Games: Bejeweled Twist crashed

By AngelWolf
Nov 14, 2009
  1. It was happened last June and was not able to play with it for fear having another crash again but it is no damage to my cpu anyway just this game itself

    As I have already found the plms and solved with other kind like Multimedia Audio Controller drivers in other section so I did try and play that game just this nite but have not yet plms with it cuz it has not reach up to 9 level where that happened crashing. I will still continue and see if still working over 9 level or not! Sometimes less than 9 level for different times! I had 4th times crash so finally stopped playing with it up to now.

    Now I would like to know if that has anything to do with Multimedia Audio Controller?

    Here they are for u to read as I am not exactly sure what I can do abt it! So I am hoping u guys can help me with it.... see if u can understand this or not below:

    This one was for 3rd times happened: 3rd happened June 5, 2009

    Also pls click below for screenshot u will see how that looks like.

    I still have more of those but might be the same or some different, not sure tho anyway!
    Like i said in other section abt Multimedia Audio Controller, they did format my cpu and that is where that happened! Before that happened it was fine for a long time so now this but with already download Multimedia with no longer yellow questions mark.

    What do u think?


    P.S. Oh yes I did ask at Pop Cap where I had to ask for help but they kept on saying to get download for graphic...things! It already updated. Nothing happened so I am hoping that u guys could help me out... maybe u know more than I do.

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  2. AngelWolf

    AngelWolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey LookinAround!!

    :wave: Hey LookinAround!

    Just wanna u to know that I have played my fav game: Bejeweled Twist for a week now and it works great! I couldn't believe it!! So want to thank you once more! I am very happy! :D

    Have a nice Thanksgiving if I don't hear from u and that goes for everyone as well!

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