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By robfarmer
Jan 6, 2014
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  1. I know exactly how you feel, and I'm not going to bother posting my specs, I can play ANY game in max res/graphics & low ping. I have a gamming tower, with fibre BB. I am experiencing the same s@!t ! I play lol in 1080p have 100+fps and ping never above 40, however.... suddenly during ALL games , I suddenly experience "out of sync" moments, that would be the equivilent on 3000 ping! I have got rid of panda whatever, as a friend told me it can mess lol up, and I am still getting this crappy lag, and considering I play mundo and tryndamere mostly, it makes the game unplayable. there is absolutly nothing my end causing this, and I feel it is client side. if anyone can actually help, then please do so. Putting a guys comp / net down when he is asking for help, is just BM, I play both EUW and NA, I am experiencing the same on both servers, and it is not a constant. "Help! SOS! GG Riot!"

    PS these lag moments, are just my char, I see everything / one in real time, its just my char will not respond in realtime.

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    Ping the euw server ip from your cmd if this is normal ping then of course its there side ive had this alot of times its all server sided Euw servers are bad they keep saying they'll upgrade but apparently it is taking years for it to be upgraded

    try them in cmd

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