Games on fast-forward

By dusty122
Feb 10, 2010
  1. hey i need some help, in some games i hav like lord of the rings return of the king.. it does not run smoothly its like someone keeps playing with the fast-forward button, witch meens the voices and clips in the game do not match.. like in the begining of starting the game it shows EAgames and then a quick preview of the game but instead its like EAgames startes sayin "eagames challenge everything" it skips into the preview clip.... and the game play is like someone pressed fast-forward.....plz someone help

  2. Douken

    Douken TS Rookie

    Try to minimize the game. Open the Task Manager and in the Process TAB rightclick the game, select Set Affinity... and check only one CPU. And see how it works out.
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