Games running way too fast... AMD?

By Nushiyu ยท 4 replies
Nov 7, 2009
  1. Hi new here,

    I have a problem with any and all games, they run way to fast, like lighting fast.
    L4D, NFS Pro Street, etc. These are not old games.
    Here is the break down, I had a AMD FX62 (2.8ghz) CPU, No problems for about 2years. Then things started to go freaky fast and using cpu-z found I was only running at like 876mhz, looked for answers. replaced the CPU w/ a athlon 64 x2 6000+ (3.0ghz), this was about 3 months ago, that worked, running great till I think a week ago, downloaded Left 4 dead 2 demo last night and started it up and it was running way to fast too. So I looked and again only running at like 876mhz.
    Does anybody have this problem or fixed it. Im thinking maybe its my motherboard, but thought I would see if somebody knows whats up.
    I've researched that people say to only use a singe core or mess with the graphics, but I really dont think thats my problem. Any help?
  2. angelic00

    angelic00 TS Rookie Posts: 35

    By "fast" do you mean jumpy? It sounds to me like your BIOS is screwed up. I don't know what model your motherboard or anything is so I can't help you any further than telling you this. Listen to what others have to say though.
  3. MetalX

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    Open up CPU-Z while you're doing something processor intensive like running superpi or something similar. Most CPUs reduce their clock speed when they aren't doing anything, so you might have to put the CPU to work in order to see the proper speed in CPU-Z.
  4. hellokitty[hk]

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    Exactly the same as your old thread?
    Reiterating, thats a powersaving feature, it is likely not what is affecting the gameplay speed. I don't think it is the motherboard either.

    I would uninstall your current graphics card drivers, and install the newest ones, probably 195.xx, and see if that does anything.

    Are they all steam games, or are they all based off the half life2 engine? Sorry i'm not familiar with most of those.
  5. Nushiyu

    Nushiyu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    First, this is any game on my desktop and on steam. Dont get me wrong, I understand that there is a power saving feature, but when it was fine it showed 3.0ghz. now it shows 863mhz. I have not tried updating my bios. I will try that tonite. My mainboard is a ABIT nf-m2s. Its not jumpy really, its seems smooth, even on the main page in L4D the zombies are moving really fast, and all the load screens go fast(thats not bad) :). anyways... I'll try the graphics, just doenst make much sense right now. well thanks everyone
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