Games won't play to Full Monitor size?

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Mar 22, 2004
  1. I have just installed a FX5700 128mg ram into my new A7N8X-X board, 512 mg Kingmax ram, XP2400 cpu and when I play Quake 3, Call of Duty to name just two the screen will not play in Fullscreen mode and seems to resize to about an inch inside the monitor borders. The monitor is an LG 900b 19" CRT. On my other Pc which has a Hitachi 19" CRT FX5900 all games run at nearly Fullscreen with only 1/4" borders. Any help will save what hair I have left..
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    I think the refresh rates at the resolution you play those games is different from your desktop resolution - or else the two resolutions are different altogether. To avoid going through all the monitor adjustments to properly line up your picture you may want to try forcing your refresh rate to the same one you use at your desktop if it's the same resolution you're trying to play your game at. Monitors typically store a set number of image settings based on differences in resolution and refresh rate. That number is based upon the brand and model of monitor you buy.
  3. r1_forever

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    Problem fixed

    Sorry guys I didn't realize you could adjust the screen size via the monitor controls to resize the game screen while playing. I apologise for the waste of a Thread.

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    When the games resolutions differ from your desktop's resolution you may run into that problem andrew, depending on what res you go to from what res..
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    No apology needed - I'm sure we've each learned from that one the same way you did :)
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