Gateway 400sd4 Blank screen

By Evry1Poops
May 5, 2008
  1. K so i've been trying to fix this irritating ........ anyways.. I'm trying to fix it for a friend of mine and she says the power stopped working.. So ok i open it up resolder the power connecter thingy and it gets power....well when i tested it ionly had the secondary fan plugged in. So later i find out the cpu fan isn't working at all and the compter turns on but thats about it. The screen does nothing.

    So i find out then it's not the fan itself but the connector on the mainboard being the problem...Yet again another problem.. Even conecting just the red and black wires to the mainboard directly i get nothing (uh oh) yet if i connect them to the secondary rins it works... So i figure there must be something else maybe shorted or maybe the cpu is just shot i dunno... when i started it without the cpu it just powered on then off.. with the cpu it stays on but doesn't go anywhere so i would guess maybe it's ok....

    There must be another reason for the cpu fan to stop working in the first place and was wondering if anyone here has ever gone that far themselves with this computer that would know???

    Oh and just to be sure it wasn't bad screen i plugged in a pc monitor to it and still no response.
  2. Evry1Poops

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    Guess i'm on my own
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