Geforce 8300gs

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Jul 28, 2008
  1. my puter is a dell 530 with a 300watt ps 115/230 50/60 hz 7a/4a . e4500 duo2 2.20 conroe pros. 3070meg of ram ddr2 5300/333mhz. os vista home prem 32 bit socket 775 lga .dell mb model ory007 chipset intel p35/g33/g31-rev A2 southbridge. bio dell 1.0.10 date12/15/07 .graf interface pci express x 16 8300gs 128 meg i don.t game so can i put a geforce 8800gs 384mb 192 bit gddr3 pci express2.0 x16.i can get good buy on card bout $80 or a geforce 8600gt 512mb i like the 8800gs if it will work ?? and without changing power supply that i may do after the war exp in 6mt the 8800 has 3 times as min steam pros 96 to 32 for the 8600 i thank just looks a lot faster if it will run on my puter or make a rec as to a good card thank marlind
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    you said you dont play games on your computer right, so why do you want to upgrade your video card
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    The 8800 requires a 400 watt power Supply minimum so the power supply you have wont cut it, the 8600 requires 300 watt minimum so your current supply would run the card but it's right on the limit and it's best to have power left over so I wouldn't recommend that either.

    any way may i ask why you want to upgrade if you dont game as the card you have would do most things perfectly fine. .
  4. marlind

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    i was just thanking about when my wart runs out in 6mt that i will put in a 500watt ps and change the g card then i do a lot of file work fixing and checking and do some lite game playing not hard core was just something i was looking at down the road thanks for the replys and the feed back
  5. dustin_ds3000

    dustin_ds3000 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 887   +15

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