Geforce FX 5800 Ultra Reviewed By AnandTech

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Jan 27, 2003
  1. iss

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    I found it quite interesting that annand mentions that when Nvidia first briefed them on the NV30 they were told the core speed would be between 350 and 400 mhz. of course that was BEFORE the Radeon 9700 pro launched.
  2. Ayasha

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    What I find puzzling is that the review at Tom's Hardware draws a different conclusion than that of Anandtech. Though mind you Anandtech's was much more complete.
  3. mrslippyfist

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    Anandtech focused much more on picture quality, which ati have always excelled at, whereas toms just had it "as is" for the most part. either way, nvidia are gonna have to pull some stunning drivers out of the bag pretty quickly to redeem themselves, can't see any good reasons for buying another vacuum cleaner :dead:
  4. PreservedSwine

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    Re: .

    Tom's review didn't have a single screenshot......He was reviewing a graphics card, right?

    Also, Toms had a very abbreviated FSAAand AF section, whereas Anands was very thorough. What good are 100 benches w/ no FSAA and no AF @1024 x 768 for these (2) cards?

    After reading about 6 reviews so far, it seems that most agree w/ what Anand has to say, while the more incomplete reviews (only 2, including Tom's, the other even done *inside* Nvdia, supervised by Nvidia) seemed to conclude the NV30 a success.

    Nearly all reviews point to the R9700 as not only holding it's own, but outright winning mnay of the reviews.

    Anands was, by far, the most comprehensive, with Hardocp's coming in second, IMO:)
  5. ---agissi---

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    Damn, so whats all the rave over the NV30! Looks as if it suxx :( I always liked Nvidia
  6. Justin

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    die, nvidia, die!
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