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By raboot
Mar 8, 2008
  1. Hello...

    I know this is beginner stuff, but a discussion with a friend has me wondering.

    What is the general rule for installing apps? Should the "program files" folder contain all / most of your installed applications?

    Will installing apps (and generally any other files like documents pictures, etc...) to the root (C:\) drive cause problems after a while?

    Thank you,
    ....Bobby R.
  2. Rick

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    Well, in Windows it puts files all over the place. But the bulk of your program installation should reside in the C:\Program Files\Name_of_app_or_manufacturer folder.

    If you install programs elsewhere, it will not damage anything, but it can be an unruly mess if you don't keep things organized. Installing programs in Program Files helps ensure that there's at least a LITTLE bit of organization. :) You'll also want your programs installed in their own folders within the Program Files directory, which 99.79% of the apps you install will do that for you.

    Also, SOME programs may have difficulty outside their intended install directory (very, very few and mostly very old ones). So, if in question, if you leave the install path in its default state, you shouldn't have any issues.
  3. raboot

    raboot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi... I see. So no major problems will arise by installing programs outside of "program files" and can reside on root C:\. Microsoft just recommends installing in the "program files folder" for organization.

    I have always kept my root (C:\) drive clean (I only like to see "Docs and Settings" folder, "program files" folder and "Windows" folder.

    I feel it does keep things organized, and I feel it also limits potential corruption and compatibility issues.

    I vote for mean, lean and clean ;)

    Thank you!
    ....Bobby R.
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