Get HDD (SATA) identify data problem

By robinsuen
May 13, 2012
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  1. I want to get HDD(set as AHCI) identifydata 256 words,
    But still have problem. How to change the following program?
    Any help can be very appreciated.

    typedef unsigned char BYTE;
    typedef unsigned int WORD;
    typedef unsigned long DWORD;
    WORD wRevBuf[256];
    //Get Sata Base address
    WORD getSataBase(BYTE bus, BYTE dev, BYTE fun, BYTE reg)
    DWORD pciaddr;δΊ†)
    // bus:0 dev:31 fun:2, reg
    pciaddr = (1L << 31) + ((DWORD)bus << 16)+((DWORD)dev << 11)
    + ((WORD)fun << 8)+ (reg & 0xFC);
    asm {
    mov eax,pciaddr
    mov dx,0CF8h //config space control address
    out dx,eax
    mov dx,0CFCh //conf space data address
    in eax, dx
    return _AX;
    //get 256 word from HDD verifydata
    void getHDD_VerifyData(void)
    int I;
    WORD wBAR;
    wBAR = getSataBase(0, 0X1F, 2, 0x10) & 0xFFFE;
    //offset 10h, wBAR is 0xF0B0
    //offset 18h, wBAR is 0xF090
    //using Ru.exe, can know the wBAR result is right value.

    printf("wBAR: %08x\n", wBAR);

    //outportb(wBAR, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+1, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+2, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+3, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+4, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+5, 0);
    //outportb(wBAR+6, 0xA0);
    outportb(wBAR+7, 0xEC);
    for (I=0; I<256; I++)
    wRevBuf = inport(wBAR);
    void main(int argc, char* argv[])

    BYTE dat;
    printf("0x10 Addr: %08x\n", getSataBase(0, 0X1F, 2, 0x10));
    printf("0x14 Addr: %08x\n", getSataBase(0, 0X1F, 2, 0x14));
    printf("0x18 Addr: %08x\n", getSataBase(0, 0X1F, 2, 0x18));
    printf("0x1c Addr: %08x\n", getSataBase(0, 0X1F, 2, 0x1c));

    //display 256 word
    printf(" ");
    for (int I=0; I<16; I++)
    printf("%04X ", I);
    for (int y=0; y<16; y++)
    if (y == 7) system("pause");
    printf("%02x ", y*16);
    for (int I=0; I<16; I++)
    printf("%04X ", wRevBuf[y*16+I]);

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