Get "Remote Modem Not Compatible" when faxing on VOIP

By Debbie23
Mar 27, 2009
  1. Trying to fax over VOIP w/ a USR 5670 PCI fax modem in Vista x64.. USR says it's compatible.

    Tried a couple of fax numbers several times ea - one here in town, one an 866 #. Every time it dials OK, says it's connecting (can hear the hand shaking), a few seconds of silence, then displays the message, "Remote modem Not Compatible." So it never has connected to any remote modem - not a matter of dropping connection.

    Should mention Vista immediately installed it's own drivers for the modem & I've not updated w/ drivers from USR. Not sure, but doubt that's the problem.

    Made (most) changes in Future-Nine's FAQ on faxing over VOIP. Using Line 2 on Linksys PAP2-T. The modem will dial out (using USR's Phone Tools fax prgm - for Vista x64).


    The modem Diagnostic / Query thru Device Mgr all showed OK - no problems as far as Windows & the modem communicating.

    Two settings in Future-Nine's faxing FAQ I'm not sure about / couldn't find:

    #4 Disable ECM on your fax. Does this refer to a PAP2-T setting? If so, don't see it.
    In modem settings, under Device Mgr, there's a setting for "Data Connection Preferences > Data Protocol" for Standard or Forced EC. Not sure if this is what #4 refers to.

    Changing Data Protocol to "Disabled" didn't make a difference.
    Putting a DSL phone filter between the ATA & modem didn't matter either.

    Other setting in the FAQ I couldn't find is #12 "Set FXS Port Input Gain & FXS Port Output Gain to -3."

    Only setting for FXS I see is at bottom of the Line 2 GUI for Caller / Callee Connection Polarity. Choices are Forward or Reverse. Changing those didn't make a difference - put back to default "Forward."

    I assume all settings for Line 2 (for fax) should be same as Line 1, EXCEPT those mentioned in the faxing FAQ?
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    I imagine that you may have to use one of the Internet Faxing services
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