Getting a new case, but which one?

By gtuser · 9 replies
Jun 29, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I have decided that I need a new case for my pc as it is running far to hot (generally over 60 all the time under load) and I have been leaving a panel open to keep it cooler.
    I currently have a standard £20 pc case, in which I have an Asus A7N8X-deluxe with an AMD 3200+XP barton processor.

    In choosing a new case I will be looking for good ventilation and hopefully something quite (I run a Zalman flower heatsink on my cpu).

    I am looking to spend around £60 (UK). I have been looking around and so far I am looking at the Antec P160, Antec Super Lanboy and the Thermaltake Tsunami Dream.
    I like the look of these case's as they come with 120mm fans as standard which should provide good circulation and not make too much noise.
    I am not sure about the Lanboy as it seems a bit flash with a led fan at the front, and I noticed that the P160 only has one fan included whereas the others have 2.

    I have spoken to a couple of people and they were not keen on the Thermaltake case's based on previous experiences but I would be gratful afor any advice on this.

    Many Thanks in advance

  2. mailpup

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    I wouldn't be as concerned with how many or which fans actually come with the case but rather the overall cooling potential the case has. You can always add your own fans, move them or replace them to suit your preference.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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  4. gtuser

    gtuser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was looking to get a case without a psu where possible as I have only recently purchased an Enermax 475w psu.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. derrycraig

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    I'm after getting the Jeantech Pong for €40 in PC world. It appears to be a good solid case. It has 2 120mm fans whos speed can be varied, and room for a 80mm fan at the side of the case. There is also front USB and audio.
  7. gtuser

    gtuser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think that I have narrow my decision to the following cases:
    Antec p160 - Pro: Looks good, has 2 120mm fan mounts, good hdd mounting
    Con: only 1 fan supplied...

    Antec Super Lanboy - Pro: Has 2x 120mm fans as standard, good hdd mounting
    Con: Has blue led fan, does not look as good as p160

    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream - Pro: Has 2x 120mm fans fitted, looks good
    Con: location of usb port (top of case), hdd mounts not as good as others

    Chieftec CX-04 - Pro: look good, good internal layout, plenty of fans mounts
    Con: no fans supplied, no rubber hdd monts, not as easily available.

    Silverstone SST-TJ01B - Pro: 3 fans installed, looks good,
    Con: small fans, secc man case (not much of a con but only case thas not all alu)
  8. JimShady23

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    Lian-Li all the way...!!!!

    I am not recommending this line of cases just because it is what I have and that makes it the best. I have tried a lot of cases over the years and let me say this baby is nothing shy of an air conditioner for your componants. Thermal take Xaser series 2-4 full towers, cool master ect...And let me tell you this thing has them all beat, even 8 fan full towers. Thats not even mentioning the storage capabilities this puppy has.

    In my Lian-Li 65b

    I have 5 hard drives 2 of wich are raptors
    2 rom drives, floppy, 3 1/2" media card reader, 3 1/2" led temp guage
    Nvidia 6800 GT, SB Audigy 2 Card 2 sticks and a 650 watt psu that generates a little more heat then most.

    And my case temp in a 70-75 degree F. room my case temp never exceeds 35c and my cpu temp never exceeds 42 under full full full load. Usually runs 27c case 30c cpu idle

    If I had less devices generating heat such as just 2 hard drives instead of 5 i think the temp would drop substantially.

    But if you want to save space and time and have a mid-tower that matches the storage capabilities and cooling of an expensive mid-tower than look no further.

    The case also has better wire managment than most I've seen.

    Take a look and tell me if it looks like my setup is a mess of cables with that many devices...And I assure you I only spend a little bit of time on wire managment not a whole day or even half a day.
  9. RealBlackStuff

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    I have the LianLi PC-67 case, 2 HDs, 2 CDs, floppy, 480w Hiper Type R PSU.
    CPU 36c, mobo 30c

    gtuser, of those 4, take the Antec P160 and buy the extra fan, they are cheap.
    Or spend more money (2-3 times as much) and get a LianLi.
  10. Usmaak

    Usmaak TS Rookie

    I have a Lanboy, and am thinking of buying another case. I like it, but it doesn't seem to do too well on cooling.
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