Getting blue screen error frequently

By ashish908
Dec 28, 2009
  1. i am using an IBM Thinkpad T43 Notebook
    Intel Pentium M Processor 1.86 GHz
    335 Mhz, 1GB of RAM
    60GB HDD (20 GB in C:\ and 40 GB in D: partition)

    I had upgraded my Ram from 512 MB to 2GB in the second week of November. Subsequent week, i got my first blue screen error but after restart it became okay, in the whole of 5 weeks after that i got the error only 3 times, but the system was running ok despite heavy usage.

    Recently from last one week, the blue screen error is quite frequent, (i have not installed any software or hardware), getting tired and worried, i removed one RAM of 1 GB so am left with 1 GB of RAM, still i had to face the BSOD

    today morning my registry got corrupted, my notebook did not start, after booting through the XP Bootable and ran chkdsk and restarted the machine, the error got fixed.
    Still i got the blue screen error 3 times after that,

    I am attaching the dumps with this post, The problem is i am working at the customer site, so badly need to manage the laptop running for 2.5 more weeks without giving it to a professional for accurate diagonisis. So i need to find the reason and act accordingly

    Please help, it will be highly appreciated
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