Getting BSOD daily.. help wanted

By robin_1323
Oct 3, 2007
  1. Specs:
    Windows vista home premium
    HP intel core 2 CPU 2.00 ghz
    1 gb ram
    160 + 40 gb hard disk
    intel gma 950 graphics..
    all os updated..

    whenever i use my computer for more than like 6-7 hrs... while browsing internet or viewing things on my hdd... then i get a blue screen.... i had disabled restart after crash so that i can post errors here... here what it says


    afd.sys 8AE4A363 base at 8AE49000, Datestamp 4549b341

    im so frustrated by this ... I have doubt if this is because of my old hdd of my old pc...

    i will attach minidump file in my next post
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