Getting Line Stats from Ntgr WPN824 router?

By phkhgh
Oct 30, 2008
  1. Tech support says model WPN824 can't supply stats like line SNR (margin), attenuation, CRCs, etc. Can this be true? I wasn't aware of any newer routers that can't give such info.

    Maybe prob is that info usu comes from the modem?
    I'm using 2Wire 2701HG-B in bridge mode w/ the Netgear behind it.
    Had to get a separate router because never could get PAP2-T voip ATA to work correctly w/ the 2Wire router (after 2 wks talking to every tech I could find - even Lev II).

    If those type stats only come from a modem (not router), I'd have to put 2Wire back in full mode (& reset ALLLLL PW's again). With 2Wire in bridge mode, its mgmt console can't be accessed (so it says).

    What is typical (acceptable or expected) overhead loss diff of what (AT&T tech) measured at my DSL wall jack vs after you've gone through a modem and / or router? I've got AT&T dry loop DSL, 1500 Kbps. At the wall jack, the tech measured 1536 Kbps d/l & SNR=39dB.

    Best I usu get is 1250 d/l, even for very close test servers. Is the loss really that much thru modem & router, or just from the round trip even to nearby servers?
    He couldn't access my router to test spd thru it (now realize probably just needed to turn off router FW).

    Netgear said my network adapter should be able to provide such info. I highly doubt that.
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