Windows 8 Getting strange artefacts on first reboot after installing windows 8 (never get into windows 8)


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Hi all,

I recently bought a friend's computer parts (he is upgrading) and I just hooked everything up to see if it worked. BIOS reported everything correctly so I decided to go ahead and do a clean install of windows 8.1 pro.

I've got 8.1 Pro on bootable usb so I load from that and everything goes fine. It restarts into the HDD and I do the final setup stuff and get into 8.1 fine.

At this point I decided to download and install nvidia drivers for the card (because with the generic ones I'm getting like a 1280x720 box on my monitor. The nvidia installation automatically restarts the machine which I assume is normal. It gets back to the Windows logo and little loading circle and then straight afterwards I get a black screen with green artefacts all over it and then after leaving it like this for about 10-15 minutes the HDD makes a bit of a noise and the monitor goes onto standby.

So thinking it was the nvidia driver problems I've been hearing about I started the whole process again, reformatted the drive, reinstalled windows 8.1 pro etc.

BUT This time I didn't download or install nvidia drivers, I decided to just manually restart the from inside windows as you normally would, it gets to the windows logo and circle loading icon again and yup there's the black screen with green artefacts.

So now I'm confused, it isn't the nvidia drivers not playing nice with windows 8.1 because on this second time I didn't install them I just restarted. And there are no artefacts before the restart, yes it looks crap because of the resolution but the generic windows drivers display everything fine so there's something going on when it restarts.

That's the reason I'm posting this in this section rather than the Graphics Card section because it seems to do it just on the first (and every after that) restart, not when installing/uninstalling drivers or anything.

Does anyone have any ideas? Because I'm at a loss.

Thanks for your time.


I have just tried installing 8.1 pro 32-bit rather than 64-bit in case that makes a difference because I was reading that some of the first round of this socket motherboards didn't like 64-bit. Also this time, instead of just restarting or getting nvidia drivers I decided to go into Device Manager and go to "Update Driver..." and "Automatically find driver..." for the display adapter from there.

It found a new driver, downloaded and installed it then asked me to restart.

This time when restarting I didn't get the strange green artefacts but I got a BSOD saying "WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" and it just did this over and over in a cycle until it booted into Windows Recovery, I'm currently "resetting PC" because the Automatic Repairs didn't work.

Anybody have any ideas?

  • i7 980X (6-core)
  • 12GB DDR3 RAM
  • Asus Rampage 3Extreme mobo
  • EVGA GTX590


Image of the screen:



If this should be in the graphics card board rather than here then feel free to move it mods (or I'll copy paste into a new thread there and delete here.)
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I've reformatted the drive and now tried with a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit disk I've got to see if it was a win8 specific problem.

After installing win7 fine I then downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers from the EVGA website and after rebooting I get the same problem: it does the win7 loading screen and then (instead of green artefacts) it gives me a garbled BSOD screen then reboots in a cycle.

So I guess it's not a win8 specific problem but I still think it's something to do with driver conflict between the windows display drivers and nvidia drivers.