Getting your computer audio to play through your LCD TV

By Alyshuree
Nov 24, 2009
  1. When you use your LCD tv as a monitor, Whether you have DVI HDMI or like myself, RGB, you will notice that simply hooking the computer up to the port does not transfer sound. This of course is because these component cables on their own do not transfer audio. They are video cables. Therefore there is no audio cable between the computer and your television. Yes, that is simple and basic. I am not by any means technically savvy so...

    Anyhow. I had purchased computer speakers that I hooked into the headphone jack of my VIZIO LCD tv. They have great sound, and I was switching them between the tv and computer ports as I needed. I then decided there had to be a way to play the sound through the tv which would in turn play the sound through those speakers.
    I searched the internet but I could not find any posts that fit my questions. I had to use logic of at least a mid school level to figure this out. Basically, there are adapters you can get for DVI and HDMI connectors which will alow you to play your audio... but with RGB, I just found a simple stereo cord. 1/8 in. I had it lying in a box. Both ends fit into headphone jacks. All I did was leave the computer speakers plugged into the headphone jack on the TV, and I ran the stereo cable from the light green output on the back of the computer INTO the PC Audio input on the back of the LCD tv which is also colored light green. This works, and it will send your computer audio through the tv, out through the speakers.

    This probably is a very silly thing, but I did have an issue with it.
    I hope this can help someone when they can't play comp audio thru their tv.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Yes it will help, and I'll link to your post here if anyone asks how to hear audio on their tv

    But I have another (possibly simpler) solution
    Buy a wireless headphone set (you will also need a wireless USB dongle part that goes with it)

    Plug the wireless transmitter into the computer (USB)
    Then walk all around your house (including in front of your tv), and hear the audio
    Works well, when you need to leave the tv room, and still want to know what's happening
    Disadvantage: Can only be used by one person at a time
    Advantage: Actually good stereo sound ;)
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