Giga-byte GA-K8NF-9 Ram Problem

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Mar 4, 2005
  1. So after installing everything I finally put two sticks of RAM into my new Gigabyte MOBO. One stick is a Kingston 256 DDR333 stick and the other is a Value RAM (****ty I know) 512 DDR33 stick. The problem is that for some strange reason the MOBO will only take one stick. Both RAM pieces work perfectly fine alone, but when I put them in together I get the POST BEEP describing DRAM problems. Even though the sticks aren't the same shouldn't they still work? It's not like we're talking about the old EDO days...and I'd hate to wast a good stick of 256 RAM.
  2. tbrunt3

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    Sounds to me you placed them in dual channel slots which they will not work there, move them to the non dual channel slots the ones that are not colored

    let us know..
  3. nico1606

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    Yea that's what I thought to, but the thing is you've got 2 slots colored blue and 2 slots colored orange. And I think it goes Slot A consists for 1 blue and one orange and Slot B is one blue one orange (1,3 and then 2,4)
  4. tbrunt3

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    It will tell you in your manual what slots are dual and which are non dual I believe orange is dual?
  5. nico1606

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    Reading from the manuel here so bare with me

    Duel Channel DDR
    GA-K8NF-9 supports the Duel Channel Technolgy...etc etc
    Channel A: DDR1, DDR3
    Channel B: DDR 2, DDR4

    If you want to operate the duel channel technology, please note the following explanations die to the limitation of the nVidia chipset.

    1. Dual Channel memory cannot be used if one DDR memory module is installed.
    2. If two DDR memory modules are installed (same storage capacity), one must be added to a channelA slot and theother in a Channel B slot in order t use dual channel memory. You can simply install the memory moduels into slots of the same color but we recommend slotting them into DDR1 and DDR2.
    Duel Channel Memory cannot function if both DDR memory modules are installed on the same channel.

    3. If four DDR memory modules are installed, please use memory of the same storage capacity in order to use dual channel memory and for BIOS to detect all the DDR memory modules.

    Lots of writing there...hope it helps somehow.
    Also when I boot it up get a CPU Freq of that right for DDR333?

    Thanks for the help T
  6. tbrunt3

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    Yes basically it says you cannot use dual channel unless the dual channel memory is the same ie: both 512 of the same maker .. But it says your computer will run with mismatched in the non dual slots .. Also your 333 is ddr 2700 used for a 333fsb procrossor what type of cpu do you have ....
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