I think my ram is broken

By GayLord69
May 10, 2017
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  1. I have (2x2gb) ddr3 1333mhz ram and 1 is working perfectly fine but my other is not.I bought my ram from my friend and these rams look different (it is not a kingston or hyper x it is china ram sticks without sticker or case type of ****) 1 looks bright green one looks normal(darkish green) but it has the same clock speed and same capacity I overclocked those both but it doesnt caused that problem and the broken one doesnt work windows 7(normal) but it works safe mode and bios so if there is someone who knows how to fix this ram stick please help
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Get motherboard manual (download from maker's website). Enter BIOS and load defaults (stop overclocking!). Adjust BIOS from information in the manual. Set memory to "AUTO" so the motherboard sets timing, etc. Boot machine and see if Windows will work in normal mode.

    If not, look up your RAM sticks, confirm that memory organization is exactly the same (8 chips, single side, etc) and determine if frequency, voltages and clocks are the same. If not pick the weakest one and install it by itself in slot #1. Boot with BIOS for memory is set to AUTO. If this now allows you to run "normal", then used a utility (like Speccy) to determine the current settings for the RAM. Add the second stick in the other slot and boot up. Since the stronger stick is NOT setting the AUTO setup for RAM, it should be clocked, etc at the level of the weaker stick.

    Tell how it works out. You may need to UNDERclock to get both to work.

    If organization is different, they may never work together. Clocks & frequencies can be lowered and voltages changed slightly.
  3. GayLord69

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    m8 I tried and it worked perfectly fine thanks for the help m8 now I learned not to overclock my ram
  4. Cycloid Torus

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    Since lower frequency results in lower clocks, there is no significant advantage in overclocking RAM. Enjoy your new RAM!

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