Gigabyte 8KNXPUltra, FJ with *Award Modular BIOS* settings


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Hi again,
I've been having some problems with my computer lately ( beginning May '12!,,,) which began when I finally got tied of fixing XP. I defaulted and asked a local computer store to install Win7 Home Premium onto my WD 160Gb IDE drive (which I had purchased from them 8 months prior) About two or three weeks later my MoBo suspiciously started to fail,,,Not one to cast aspersions I took it back and paid them another $50AUD to tell me that it was the MoBo then paid another Gigabyte reseller to confirm the same (who was intrigued that if you flicked the board on the bench it would ''re- boot'' as though someone had been a *little over zealous* in tending to it!!!)

So,,,three GA-8KNXP with DPS and two GA-8KNXPUltra FJ MoBo's LATER I finally attached my WD 160Gb HDD Win7 to a new configuration (thats the configuration not the MoBo they're all 2nd hand from my mates in China :),,,) AND,,, WOW 188 Microsoft Critical Updates 68 Conflicts and my Nvidia GeForce AGP card still not updating correctly,,,
Call to Microsoft was within the three day window for validation of install who suggested clean install which is fine as in the three weeks Win7 was in use I was mostly just finding my way around the newest OS offering from Microsoft.
The Win 7 boot disc would not load,,,
The support staff sugested I download a new Win7 .iso incase the Genuine DVD was corrupted
Still not working was suggested the Drive might be the issue, just happened that I had a new SSD in the draw. Was able to atleast format that using the broken Win7,,,

I actually believe that if I knew how to change the BIOS settings to reflect what I am trying to get the OS to run installed in the bays of my machine I would atleast have a platform to begin to get a stable boot- to-OS. Which the gentle folk at Microsoft would at least have a greater opportunity at a successful transition of OS. The board I'm using is just too OLD for the young- guns of today ;)

I have updated my BIOS using the Gigabyte @bios program here

I need to know the settings needed to configure the board = GA-8KNXPUltra FJ here with the Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG (copyrighted 1984-2005), to see just the HDD / SSD just as conected drives NOT as SICI / RAID devices?

A manual to assist with the CMOS Setup "Award" Utility perhaps, it might be useful?

Sorry if this seems to be a RANT

Does anyone have any recollection of these times gone by please?

Edit; I had a copy of Ubuntu-KK-9.01 and when I ran it as a live CD I found that the SSD that I had set as the *Boot from device* was prefaced with name sici-(#ID number of drive)+(size of drive in Kb)