Gigabyte's answer to UEFI

By red1776
Sep 1, 2011
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  1. If anybody has been avoiding the new crop of Gigabyte 990 chipset boards in favor of other brands because it lacks a UEFI BIOS. That problem has been overcome. Gigabyte has included what they call 'Touch Bios hybrid' in the lastest bios revision for the 990 chipset boards.
    I have played around with it extensively and it seems to work spot on. None of the Lag issues or problems accepting or holding the settings in the 'DOS' Bios.

    if you have one of these boards like I....The bios update (F5) and TouchBios can be had here


    The long time beta 'F4' bios is now released (actually F5 came out today) and includes the bios for the opening Bulldozer lineup.
    As the Bios is usually a last minute ,up to the buzzer item... I wonder if this means it's going to be in the next week???:) probably not.
  2. dividebyzero

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    Christ on a bike! How slow is the AMD chipset BIOS updating?

    Touch BIOS has been shipping with all Z68 boards since they were launched (afaik) May ( as in the fifth month). I'm pretty sure that all the B3 P67 Giga boards are now shipping with Touch BIOS also -at least the ones I've worked with, although TBH I'm quite happy with the Phoenix-Award layout...although accessing the BIOS through the OS is quite handy since Gigabyte still has some power-USB kb issues at start-up/DOS.

    On the subject of BD's week-away imminent release....I'm gonna go with no. Unless BD is coming to market with only Gigabyte offering compatibility. Somehow I don't see Asus forgetting that little nugget.
  3. red1776

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    Well the F4 sat as a beta since a week after the board was released for some reason (i assume waiting for AMD's final specs/release) and then they released two new revisions in as many days. (F4 & F5)

    They have, and they are.

    It seems to work very well at any rate. Seems to have been a big gripe for those gigabyte fans who like the board , but have to have windows based Bios
  4. Mizzou

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    I've been checking the Gigabyte site on a pretty regular basis just to see if they had added the FX processor support, this was still the beta just a couple of days ago. Looks cool, will download it this evening and a have a look.

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