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Giveaway: 500 licenses of EaseUS MobiMover Pro for iPhone data transfer

By TS Dealmaster ยท 101 replies
Dec 5, 2017
  1. BruceChaser

    BruceChaser TS Rookie

    I'd like a copy please :p

    Thank you TS and EaseUS.
  2. Goldotex

    Goldotex TS Rookie

    Good! TS sign me up for a license please! Let give this one a try
  3. trilixi

    trilixi TS Rookie

    Jack me up with a license plz :)
  4. vili-al

    vili-al TS Rookie

    Hope, I get one free license :)
  5. GenghisChen

    GenghisChen TS Rookie

    Transferring files is my favorite thing in the world
  6. R K G

    R K G TS Rookie

    This software will definitely ease the transfer of files between my two iphones, the ipad and Windows PC. Thanks
  7. Jamie Sladich

    Jamie Sladich TS Rookie

    Been using Easeus products for years, one of the best free backup software ever. Mobi is also tops in syncing iphones and pc's. Look forward to using the pro features!!
  8. Chaz Madison

    Chaz Madison TS Rookie

    I have never won anything but I keep entering these things. Good luck guys!! Keep up the great work TechSpot!!! I learn a lot from you.
  9. ThomComputing

    ThomComputing TS Rookie

    Absolutely luv the EaseUs products .... YES they are Easy ... have used for years .... always share them with clients, friends, family etc. Keep up thy good work
  10. PhantomSF

    PhantomSF TS Rookie

    Sign me up! If I can keep from using iTunes, I will.
  11. Not a fan of iTunes! EaseUS has good partition software. Send a free license please.
  12. Michal Krezolek

    Michal Krezolek TS Rookie

    iTunes is a bloatware. I need a way to convert my jpg library to heif. Can the EaseUS software do that? If yes, please free license.
  13. zanic

    zanic TS Rookie

    Yes please, thanks
  14. Ada Scott

    Ada Scott TS Rookie

    Everybody will get a license since the comments here are far less than 500. Congratulations!
    Michal Krezolek likes this.
  15. bakitmalamig

    bakitmalamig TS Rookie

    License for someone in Asia? :D
  16. kenpio

    kenpio TS Rookie

    I would like a license please! thank you.
  17. trooper_ai

    trooper_ai TS Rookie

    iTunes just does not cut it when trying to manage Voice memos :( This would be really useful :D
  18. DoingMyOwnThing

    DoingMyOwnThing TS Rookie

    I'm in! Please send me a free license.
  19. owichsnarc

    owichsnarc TS Rookie

    If I can keep from using iTunes ....................
    Sign me up! thx
  20. beerguy

    beerguy TS Rookie

    Please sign me up. I'm setting up my wife's new iphone and told her transferring her pictures would be a piece of cake. Now that I'm trying to do it I find out itunes is not set up for this task. D'oh!
  21. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,378   +47

    Free is good. "I'll buy that for a dollar!"
  22. kentuckylodge

    kentuckylodge TS Rookie

    Simply the best. Would love a free copy thanks.
  23. Gvoniatis

    Gvoniatis TS Rookie

    500? Wow they are quite generous! Would love one!
  24. MUMMZ

    MUMMZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 43   +8

    I don't own an iPhone... But this software might change my mindxD

    Do your "Oparah thing" techspot :D
  25. Ltrain

    Ltrain TS Rookie

    I work with a bunch of iPads and iPhones all day long. Would be great to have. I already use their recovery and backup software.
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