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Giveaway: 500 licenses of EaseUS MobiMover Pro for iPhone data transfer

By TS Dealmaster ยท 101 replies
Dec 5, 2017
  1. DJMIKE25

    DJMIKE25 TS Addict Posts: 180   +71

    I'd love one. I work with plenty of phones every day.
  2. Ishak Akdas

    Ishak Akdas TS Rookie

    Can I get a license?
    mail : [email address deleted]
  3. phillai

    phillai TS Enthusiast Posts: 49   +15

    I'm sick of bloat so do please hook me up pretty please!
  4. Chris Sutton

    Chris Sutton TS Rookie

    I would like one as it would be useful to have, as I use iPhones and iPads daily.
  5. K3lly13

    K3lly13 TS Rookie

    I'd like a free license please! :)
  6. funglebuddy

    funglebuddy TS Enthusiast Posts: 40   +10

    Please put me in for a license good people!
  7. Scruffler

    Scruffler TS Rookie

    Sign me up
  8. IT Macgyver

    IT Macgyver TS Rookie

    I manage a student led University IT support for students and I could use this software to copy media from their iPhone onto a PC then give them a flash drive. Most Android phones thankfully use a File Explorer. Sign me up! Thank you Techspot. :)
  9. Torbuk

    Torbuk TS Rookie

    I'm all over getting a free license of EaseUS MobiMover! Thank you
  10. Bjorntje

    Bjorntje TS Rookie

    Would like a license, looking foward to waving iTunes goodbye and using MobiMover. Love my iPhone but wow how I detest iTunes.

  11. JP Special

    JP Special TS Rookie

    Ok TechSpot I am an apple fan and I admit this sounds too good to be true...but 500 what are the chances
  12. InventedStick

    InventedStick TS Rookie

    Hell yeah, always wanted to try this software.
  13. Peace41

    Peace41 TS Rookie

    Good bye iTunes. Can I get a license?
  14. Ahmet Aksoy

    Ahmet Aksoy TS Rookie

    I need license. I used alot of software like this software because of ios closeness. I only want to easily transfer my files etc. But its not easy.
  15. Speedbird

    Speedbird TS Rookie

    It would be great if I can avoid iTunes
  16. BigFish

    BigFish TS Rookie

    I gave it a try and this works nice. I miss this ability since I went to an iPhone from a windows phone.
  17. Mano25

    Mano25 TS Rookie

    Thank you :D. Please send me a license :D
  18. Humza

    Humza TS Addict Posts: 131   +99

    Sign me up please! I saw the date and...it ends today...I've just got too anxious to come up with something funny :p
  19. Nixu77

    Nixu77 TS Rookie

    Have to give it a try since EaseUS usually makes quality software.. Plz send me a license.
  20. WRa1TH

    WRa1TH TS Rookie

    It can't be worse than iTunes, so bring it on!
  21. Ishak Akdas

    Ishak Akdas TS Rookie

    Good bye iTunes. Can I get a license?
  22. Atsuil

    Atsuil TS Rookie

    EaseUS stuff is great, very awesome they are doing this! Hope I can snag a license as well.
  23. Daddio

    Daddio TS Rookie

    Wait... 500? Did I miss my chance?
  24. Turnip

    Turnip TS Rookie

    Sign me up for free license please!
    Thank you!!
  25. PurpleYoda

    PurpleYoda TS Enthusiast Posts: 34   +11

    And to think that I thought that nothing interesting is going to happen to me today!! Free license, come to Daddy! ;-)
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