Giveaway: 500 licenses of EaseUS MobiMover Pro for iPhone data transfer

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The generous folks at EaseUS are offering some free software to TechSpot readers once again, but this time they're going above and beyond. EaseUS MobiMover is a user-friendly iPhone data transfer software for Windows. It works as an iPhone/iPad file manager that can help to transfer, add, delete and edit data with a few clicks (and no iTunes necessary), so you can move data around, backup, and so on.

MobiMover can also be useful to transfer data from your old iPhone or iPad to a new device with iOS 11, and to sync files from computer to your iPhone and viceversa. Simply connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC, select, and manage files as needed and check the files on your device.

How to get your free software

  • Entering the drawing is easy. Post a comment below and let us know you want a free license.
  • Insightful, funny, or otherwise interesting posts are encouraged. But come on, 500 licenses... you'll get one.
  • Go to this download page to grab the trial version in the meantime. We'll send you an activation code via email or private message in the coming week.

That's it. The giveaway is open only until tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec 6. First come, first serve.

Update (12/08): All commenters/winners will start receiving their activation keys for the full version of MobiMover Pro soon through our private messaging system.

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It will be interesting to see how well this works. I'm not a fan of I-devices but my daughter has an iphone and ipad.
why you can't simply "drag and drop" from explorer (on a Windows PC) or from finder (on a macOS PC) is such a waste of time.


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Huh that's pretty impressive
I've used iTunes before for iOS related programming work, but I always felt it wasn't very intuitive
Pretty sure they wouldn't sell this product at all if it was worse than iTunes


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I detest itunes (and don't run IOS) but son does and would try it out for him. I would like to have a license.


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Who doesn't love a giveaway?

I don't use iOS devices but I'm the techie in the family so sometimes it's important to transfer things into iPhones around the house. and yes, I despise iTunes so I'll never install it in my main PC.

I've used EASEUS before for the partition manager freeware so I have faith in this product.


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ME: "See dad!!! I told you, Apple IOS is so stupid that I have to sign up for this contest just to let you transfer files to
and from your iPhone to your PC! I will trade you the license key for a Ferarri"
Dad: "But iPhone is more secure than your android"
Me: ......
Me: "I still want that Ferarri"


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I would like to have a license. I really dislike iTunes as it loses your music library because it can't remember the source. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. (Like dumping all my libraries into on huge folder). Very time consuming and a complete failure as iTunes forgets within a month. My wife is due an upgrade to her phone soon and this would be a great way to transfer her contacts. Now if I could get iTunes to work for more than a month that would be great too, but I don't think that is ever going to happen. Thanks


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I'd be 100% down for this, I have way too many family members who change iPhone's and iPad's so regularly and I get lumped moving all their data across.

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I'm kinda curious about this one. I have always hated working between my iPhone and my PC. I hope this is a nice product.


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I would like to move a client of mine a very large pr0n collection to a new device, there is a large number and I simply cannot do it without Ease, so I will need EaseUS to get this going. Oh by client I mean, me.

Very Thanks Much


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I would like to try it because iTunes for Windows is not working for me, most of the time I use it to put music ipod touch and for some reason it keeps repeating my songs every time then I have to delete every duplicate song it's getting kinda annoying.
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