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Godmode in Vista 64-bit

By Sturgeon ยท 5 replies
Jan 17, 2010
  1. Alright, so I read an article about godmode for Windows and despite an understated warning that it could crash my Vista 64-bit OS, I tried it out, and while it didn't entirely crash my computer, it has sent explorer.exe into a loop of crashing and restarting. I managed to open up task manager and stop that cycling, but I kind of need explorer to be working and I have no ideas on how to fix it without using it.
    Any suggestions?

    edit: I just did a system restore to a couple days ago, but it didn't work.

    edit: Haha, well after realizing that I could still access my files without explorer, it dawned on me to just open up the desktop in a window and delete the godmode folder.
    Problem solved! I am a *****. :D
  2. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Posts: 142

    Now that's what I call, Ironic! :cool:
  3. Alexexex

    Alexexex TS Enthusiast Posts: 105

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL dude I actually "ROFLED" That's awesome. :)
  4. hmccsYVR

    hmccsYVR TS Rookie

    AFAIK: explorer.exe is crashing on the newly created folder/GUID that is not compatible with the OS; my Vista x64 install crashes when I try to use a x86 or Win7 GUID. If you put the godmode folder (GMF) on the desktop it is always being "parsed" by explorer.exe (which is what is the running the show for windows in general). If you place the folder out sight (anywhere else but the desktop, e.g. C:\GMF.{...}) you should be able to get the explorer to stabilize - just do NOT go looking for the GMF using explorer!

    - let explorer finish crashing; if it is looping automatically, then try to get to a full screen old fashion command prompt (CMD.exe). You can use TaskManager (via alt-ctrl-del) to try and "Run New Task" to launch the CMD.exe w/o a explorer/desktop shell.
    - alternately, try to logoff (again via alt-ctrl-del) and log onto a different user (admin?) profile that does NOT have the GMF present
    - start a CMD prompt; you may want to use RUNAS command to start CMD as the user who's desktop has the folder
    - removed the directory using the "RD" command
    - that should fix the problem

    {just update my answer: so, how did you "open up a window" that didn't crash explorer?}
  5. MetalSlug2

    MetalSlug2 TS Rookie

    Same Problem

    I read about GodMode from Gizmo.com.

    However, i went ahead and did it anyways (i didn't know it would cause explorer.exe to crash)

    The above mentioned solution is not working for me, when I go to the desktop via task manager and select show "all files", the Task manager crashes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Villanx

    Villanx TS Rookie

    tried this on X64 bit vista without knowing it didn't work. What I did to stop explorer.exe from crashing was open my computer in safety mode with cmd prompt. I typed Control Panel into cmd prompt and it opened then went into the C:/users and then deleted the desktop folder. It stopped it. So whatever folder you put GMF in, find it and delete it and it will fix your explorer from crashing.
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