Good place to buy SATA cables?

By miston
Jan 11, 2006
  1. need some SATA cables, and can't really find a place that has the various lengths that I'm looking for

    Also, I see that some are SATA and some are SATA2 cables, is there really a difference?

    And I would assume that SATA2 are backward compatible with SATA1, so shouldn't I go ahead and get SATA2 cables since my board is SATA2?

    thanks! :)

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    you can actually buy at any online retailer, such as newegg amazon, or pricewatch or even the physical store, such as bestbuy, fry's.

    the sata and sata2 are not that much diff. If I am not mistaken, the sata and sata2 HD actually uses the same cable, it's the drive and the controller that's making the difference not the cable.

    MOMO_MAN TS Rookie

    I have found that
    has great quality and multiple sizes including the hard to find 4" long SATA cable.
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