Google: 3 billion installed apps on Android


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It took Google 20 months to reach the 1 billion apps installed on the Android platform. Five months later, the company had hit the 2 billion apps installed milestone. Now it's at 3 billion apps installed. At this rate, we'll probably see it hit the 4 billion and 5 billion marks next month.

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Greg S

TS Evangelist
Its not really that surprising, but its impressive. Maybe those capitalist pigs over in the land of Macs and iPhones will rethink their strategy when pushing through an unfinished product (iphone 4). When Android takes the claim of most apps and downloads of apps Apple will lose its entire strategy for marketing. If there were a good "Android touch" mp3 player Apple might not charge an extra $100 to upgrade from 8gb to 32gb. It costs them about $15 more but they charge you $100.


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2010 numbers are irrelevant to the article, why mention them?

Android quickly surpassed the 200,000 apps months after October 2010...


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Good to hear, I'm looking forward to swapping to the Android platform for my next smartphone. At the moment I've given in to the big Apple with a 3GS, won't touch the iPhone 4.