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Google: 6 billion installed apps on Android

By Emil · 25 replies
Jul 15, 2011
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  1. During Google's second quarter earnings call yesterday, the company announced it has now seen 6 billion apps installed on Android. The search giant also noted that Android was now seeing…

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  2. Going first, I hope my followers can pass themselves off as civilized.
  3. 550,000 activations per day...amazing! The Android Army = iPhone killer.
  4. well, this proves that Apple is definitely sees Android as a number one threat to their
    fruit empire
  5. The ITC ruling on Friday will shut off many of the imports of Andriod based copy cats and will slow down this growth pattern. The next thing we know is there will be an antitrust inquiry on Google, it is giing away Andriod as Mircocrosft gave away IE...sounds familiar?
  6. Well, Nokia or Moto might have patents yto trade with Apple, HTC and Samsung could be in trouble. Afterall, what about the iPad battelfield? I wish all these copycats could use their technical resources to develope something on their own instead of selling copycats. They are not lower the cost nor innovate for mankind but simply to copy. American tech companies are like the Asian copycats...something is really wrong here. I am also amazed many of the Anroid supporters simply want to beat up Apple by trying to destroy on an American icon. It is really sad for the country if these people think it this way. Our nation should reward innovators, be creative with their own account. Otherwise it is senseless. Google should find their own innovations instead of trying to cut into Apple and Facebook. This is a sign of inmature.
  7. Hi Steve Jobs, how are you doing?
  8. Your comment shows what you know.. or what you don't. First to market does NOT qualify as innovation.
  9. It is not very interesting when they constantly lie about the numbers. It's that "funny" math again. They are including in their numbers the licenses of yet, unsold and unshipped phones around the world.
  10. Apple's latest number was 450,000 apps in the app store and over 100,000 optimized for the iPad. Android has only a few hundred apps for tablets. According to comScore, iOS has 44% of the mobile market (including tablets), to Android's 28%. The latest browser numbers have iOS's lead in Web usage accelerating. The latest developer numbers show that development of iOS apps for Apple are pulling further ahead of Android -- which has lower quality apps and a tiny fraction of the revenue. So maybe your audience is Apple haters, but you're just making up the numbers at this point.
  11. Oh Lord, Will the Hairless Ape, know as Man ever evolve past it's primate ancestor? Can they not see that Apple and Google can and should coexist? How can they be so utterly stupid as to not know that the death of one means the death of the other! Innovation requires that they challenge each other to new heights....Oh well, let us hope the next animal to rise will be more intelligent.
  12. "It is not very interesting when they constantly lie about the numbers. It's that "funny" math again. They are including in their numbers the licenses of yet, unsold and unshipped phones around the world"

    Strange thing to say as Android is not licensed on a per phone basis. It is free to partners. These numbers are for initial activations of new devices. It is understated as it includes only "official" devices and not the millions of knockoffs being made and sold in India and China.

    Are you thinking of the Windows Mobile phone?

  13. dude every made by apple is made in china
  14. android is a headache. OS never agrees with hardware and applications. On sprint underemployee plan and I will throw my samsung epic against the walll, the minute an iphone comes out.
  15. the entire group of laysuits are rediculious

    if they stand then ford should sue chevy.. why well they have 4 doors and a hood and a truck.. that is about as close as the other manufacturers are getting with phones..

    omg samsung has square icons.. the issue here is this.. Apple is scared and they are trying to push all the little guys around... its that simple

    and with all this going on this iphone 5 needs to be huge otherwise i dont see why they are on this huge lawsuit run...

    What apple really needs to be scared of is the day steve jobs is gone.. apple will fall overnight just like they did before and jobs was forced to come back...

    its only a matter of time....
  16. 6 billion installed apps!
    Anyone getting laid anymore?
  17. Everyone playing with their 6 inch Droids?
    Time to cut your ponytails, get a job and get laid.
  18. Geeks grow hair on their 6 inch Droids and 7 inch Tabs.
  19. He who dies with the most installed apps, dies a virgin. :))
  20. how true!

    but than again there is plenty folks who don't have a android phone and work very hard to keep our race from extinction
  21. btw...

  22. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,634   +98

    Even more awesome is, every commenter on this article has been Guest user.

    Or is it that the same guest simply posted again and again and again .........
  23. lightsaber fights!
  24. It is always ironic that the argument in defense of Apple's innovation always begins by stating how android and other manufactures copy Apple, but the same people that make this argument either one ignore, or are ignorant that Steve Jobs, on camera, blatantly states how he got the idea for Graphical User Interface from Xerox who is its original creation. Its in an interview on youtube, Just look up Steve Jobs and Xerox on youtube.

    Secondly, to say Android copies iOS is ignorant also, since the iPhone did not get released until 2009, and Google purchased Android in 2005 for mobile purposes. Android software was already being developed before Google purchased it, so to say Google just copies is blatantly ignorant and is just an uninformed statement with little to no research done.

    Thirdly, to talk about innovation, perhaps you did not watch Google I/O in May 2011, when Google spoke about Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. You have no idea what Google is getting ready to do with Android. Mobile devices were just the beginning, but what Ice Cream Sandwich will do will be revolutionary in the appliances and entertainment industry.

    Apple makes great products, but to say they are the great innovators is a misnomer.
  25. Google's trust in its friends is its weakness, as most Android phones are no match for the fully operational iPhone4 battlestation. You fools do not know the power of the Apple side!


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