Google announces 3D maps and offline mode for mobile devices


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Google has announced sweeping changes to its map services, including improved 3D views for Google Earth, an offline mode for Google Maps as well as a Street View Trekker initiative....

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Okay, maybe it's just me, but does this strike anyone else as an opportunity to create the ultimate RTS? If Google already has everything modeled in 3D, all it would take is slapping a physics engine on and you could have a rather impressive worldwide RTS with freedom to focus most of the budget on story and balancing.

The only problem I see is that those against video game violence might be even more upset with the realism of a game that lets you roll tanks into New York City or drop a nuke on DC.


Yea, I was just thinking the same thing- I think. It's onlya matter of time; game developers will start to use ''Real World Rendering'' (I gave it a name) for their video game maps -or perhaps, *chuckle* Apple will think of it first. Either ways, it would be so realistic- and fun!


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Mmmm I just uninstalled it from my phone, it was a battery hog even offline. Uninstalled that, facebook and youtube and my phone life went up from 16 hrs to almost 2 days... I hate apps that are always open even when you don't need it.

I installed WAZE instead, it functions the same way finding streets and using GPS, it has social features to alert traffic, cops, accidents or whatever, it comes with an offline mode and when you exit the app it stays closed.


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I'm always amazed by the ironies in business. Apple's iPhones run of a samsung chip and use Google maps, but they're suing to block the Galaxy S3 from being sold. A phone made by samsung, running google's software.

Anyway... does anyone else thing Google spends way way too much time on barely useful stuff like these 3D maps and street view? This stuff must cost a ton of money and it seems to only be good for looking at and saying 'hey, that's kinda cool'...
Oh, wait... they used those StreetView cars to record the location of everyone's wifi.... nevermind.