Google could be dismantling ad-blockers in Chrome extensions update

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Extensions is part of chromium. This is why Edge, Brave, Vivaldi all share same chrome extensions. Using Edge is not workaround. I am use Safari and Firefox depending which device. I quit waterfox because ad company bought them. Ad company produced browser is probably not in user best interest.

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Edge will probably replace chrome once this happens as I cannot see them doing the same thing.
Edge is Chromium-based and I'm sure that MS will cave to Google's demands if any are made. It's not like either one of them has shown a great track record when it comes to having ethics.
Must reiterate: If you care at all, start using Firefox today to avoid them being completely out of business by 2023 which is a distinct possibility given how many users they're bleeding.
I've used Firefox for over 20 straight years. I've just come to accept what sheep people are when it comes to computers. I'll continue to use Firefox until its dying breath, or my dying breath.
And someone before mentioned Brave and I'm sure people will mention other Chromium based forks that are de-googled. But the issue there is that as long as they're still working off the main Chrome code they become subservient to Chrome: sure they might "fix" a lot of what Chrome gets very, very wrong but at the same time their popularity is contingent upon Chrome's hegemony so they're never really going to challenge Google and if they do well, Google could just stop updating Chromium and leave all competitors in the dark: there's nothing saying that Google Chrome needs to have party with Chromium and Google knows they can keep competitors in check that way.
It was lazy and stupid of them to just produce a re-skinned version of Chromium but that's what people have come to. I was REALLY shocked when Opera did it.
After all the competitors are really just helping Google get established as the only name in town: all web development depends on their decisions and once there's no more competitors (And right now there's only Safari and Firefox which hangs by a thread) then they can easily sabotage everybody else.
People keep contributing to the problem until what you just prophecised comes to pass. Then they moan and whine about it like little children. It won't be the first time this happens, if it does (and I hope to hell that it doesn't). I honestly don't understand the appeal of Chromium-based browsers over Firefox except that it's a bit more streamlined for people who aren't tech-savvy. I'd be willing to bet that over 95% of people who continue to use Firefox are tech geeks and we use it because we like the privacy and the customisations that you can do with it. We also like the fact that neither Google nor Microsoft has ANYTHING to do with it.
I don't use Chrome but I am afraid Firefox is in danger......
Then use Firefox. It's not that hard.... :laughing:
I use Adguard and problem resolved.
I use Firefox and the problem never occurred. :laughing:
With Firefox and derivatives, you can configure them to not autoplay media.
Another reason we techies still love to use Firefox.
Shameless plug: We try our best not to abuse ads on TechSpot, we don't do stickies and won't overwhelm pages with ads. Those who don't ad block can attest to it.
It's true. I have no ad blocker on Edge at work and I have no complaints. Now, I realise that I'm an Elite User but I'm not inundated before I log in to my account either.
Admittedly ;) the ad experience is better when logged in. If I am not logged in, I cannot say that I entirely like the ad experience. Then again, most places I have uBlock enabled. I've disabled uBlock on TS.
I never noticed that and I'm an Elite. Maybe I'm blind, I dunno. :laughing:
Thanks for the tip on pi-hole. I had a quick look on their web site, and for me, ATM, it seems like too much work to replace what I have setup on my network.
Jeez man, talking about the tip, the pi-hole and then ATM? This conversation went straight to the gutter in short order, eh? :laughing:


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Ugh, I hate it when web browsers have super useful addons/extensions, then they go and break them by not supporting them. All the people calling for Firefox to be used instead, Firefox had a lot of great addons, I used to use it all the time. Then I think it was around version 55 that they broke them all and the addons never got updated. So that's when I switched to Vivaldi, which is fine. I guess if Chromium breaks I'll either go to Waterfox (old FF branch) or... well, no idea.
As an extension developer, I can assure you that V3 will break a helluva lot more extensions than ad blockers. Any extension that relies on externally hosted 3rd-party libraries (e.g., GAPI) will break.


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Must reiterate: If you care at all, start using Firefox today to avoid them being completely out of business by 2023 which is a distinct possibility given how many users they're bleeding.

To be fair, Firefox's current situation is something they fully brought upon themselves and it's fully deserved. I will never return to Firefox unless they get their s*** together.

I really cannot believe the BS that gagme is spouting for this. More so, I really cannot believe that there are people out there that will believe this crap anyway. Perhaps a better way to deal with gagme and its crap marketing BS is to use an ad-blocking DNS such as one or both of these two:
That will put a dent in chrome and its BS add blocker that still allows gagme to spy on everything.

DNS-based / hosts-based ad blocking is extremely limited compared to extensions like uBlock Origin.
It will be a happy day, the day I remove Chrome forever from my desktop. I wonder if Edge will follow. But firefox, my old love, I'm coming $home


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It’s very simple, if they don’t care for the visitors who they blocking ads they can block them completely for having access to the website like some newspapers do to their websites.
It’s legal and ethical for the visitors to self opt out from ads (it’s like robocalls, if you know that you don’t want buy something why to both loose time in phone?), it’s legal and ethical too for the websites to opt out from those visitors who block ads.


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You cant browse the internet without an adblocker, if I check ublock right now it says it has blocked millions of ads.....millions, let that sink in.

I havent used firefox seriously in a few years but I may as well download it today and start setting it up and learning any new tricks.


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Big whoop. let them. People will just switch to DNS blocking, VPN blocking (e.g. Surfshark's CleanWeb), HOSTS blocking or router level blocking.

There will always be ad-blocking. This will just create a new market of products to make the above more flexible and easier to implement.


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Big whoop. let them. People will just switch to DNS blocking, VPN blocking (e.g. Surfshark's CleanWeb), HOSTS blocking or router level blocking.

There will always be ad-blocking. This will just create a new market of products to make the above more flexible and easier to implement.

Everyone knows about DNS blocking / hosts blocking. Many years ago (damn, 14 or 15 already...? feels like yesterday, where did time go...?) I first got into adblocking by using hosts-level blocking. Hopped through many hosts-based and DNS-based solutions for a few years (even played with Squid proxy a bit), before switching first to ABP, and then uBO, and never looked back.

DNS / hosts-level blocking can't even compare to good extension-based ad blocking. The latter is much better, more efficient and safer. I'm seeing quite a few regulars here downplaying the issue because of that, but for me, having to return to hosts-level blocking (and its accompanying issues like lots of websites with broken layouts, higher risk of catching malware through malicious scripts, etc) would be painful.

Worst comes to worst, I think a better alternative would be to move these extensions to some proxy-style service running on the PC.


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The irony to this and all the comments.

Google Chrome was in response to Microsoft adding tracking prevention technology to IE and Windows, and Firefox taking the stand against Google to also adopt the Microsoft ad tracking prevention.

Every ***** that started using Chrome are responsible for the current state of the internet and Google getting worse.

Too bad nobody listened when security experts were screaming "Don't use Chrome!"
I would personally have no objection to Google's / Microsoft's ad's, but when turning Ulead Origin off temporarily, I've been bombarded by ads, that seem to be viruses and in some cases, I can't even close them out. If Google or Microsoft thinks that letting these types of Advertisers is the right thing to do, then Alphabet / Google could take their browsers and I think you know what I'm saying here. There are plenty of useful Browsers out there and these snakes will now be losing Trillions, not Billions!


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One way to help eliminate a good portion of ads is to set up a Pi-hole using a Raspberry Pi. It's very easy to do and gives you a lot of control over what's communicating with your browsers. Essentially it's a DNS sink with a web interface control panel. I've been using one for a while now and find it's easy to configure and very flexible. So it wouldn't matter what browser(s) you use as it blocks ad servers independently.
It can also be set up as a DHCP server.