Google Glass shows up at New York fashion event

Shawn Knight

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Google's futuristic Project Glass augmented reality eyewear was spotted at a Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) modeling show yesterday. The event kicked off a collaboration between Google and DVF that aims to merge technology with the latest fashion trends and as...

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They should make it into a monocle lol, really though like ike said they need to make it into sun glasses or something, instead they are trying to make it stick out


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Or be able to incorporate them into my prescription glasses :D.
"Yes can I get the anti-glare coating, the auto-tinting, and Google Glass please?"


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It gives the model a fetching, proto-Borg sort of look, like #0.2 of 9 maybe. A pair of those might help Doctor Who keep from getting lost so often among weird, threatening aliens. Provided it comes with a Bluetooth hook-up to Google Maps, of course.