Google had warned Samsung from copying Apple's designs

By Archean
Jul 28, 2012
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  1. SNGX1275

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    Jeez. This doesn't really surprise me, I've seen the (probably cherrypicked) images of 'tablets before the iPad, tablets after the iPad' but there is absolutely no doubt the design was copied. The same thing happened with the iPhone.

    Look at the news stories on this site and then the comments saying that people know the difference and aren't confusing the iPad and Samsung's offering.

    Everything in this story is exactly what everyone already knew, maybe now that Google has said it people will be less bold in their comments against Apple in these Samsung lawsuit stories.

    People will say, and have, that there is only so many ways to make a tablet or a phone, but I say look at the examples before Apple's products and those after, there is a distinct change. And the OS, ffs you can do almost identical things in Mac OS and Win XP/Vista/7/8 and they don't look the same at all.
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  2. Archean

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    So true, even more intriguing for me is the fact that, Google keep getting away from various patent theft cases, in effect leaving OEMs like Samsung to face the brunt of the likes of Apple/MS and others. So they either have to pay them fee or get their products banned. Over the weekend Motorola lost out to MS in German courts as well.

    So this situation can't go on forever, in effect it can slowly start to make android lot less desirable platform for OEMs in the longer run (not to mention the OS forking which is just about taking off). What if, MS say is charging 10-15$ for patent licensing, and start selling WP8 for 5-10$ price range. IMHO, apart from iOS, WP is the only easy to use / genuinely efficient / stable mobile OS out there.
  3. Jay Pfoutz

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    And yet...Samsung claims Apple copied off of them, especially with the round corners design that they (Samsung) were "doing for years".

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