Google Home could soon support multiple accounts


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One of the biggest problems with digital voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home is that it’s hard to get truly a personalized experience in a multi-user environment when multiple identities are not supported. Google is set to address this issue with an upcoming update to its Home app.

The feature has been rumored for a few weeks after the folks at Android Police spotted some code in the app hinting at multi-user support. Today, the Google Home app for Android and iOS actually announced multi-user support, although someone appears to have jumped the gun as the functionality isn't live. The message, which appears in the app’s “Discover” tab, reads: “Now, you and other in your home can get a personalized experience from your Assistant on Google Home.

It’s unclear exactly how multi-user support will work, but the general expectation is that Home will be able to recognize different users’ voices and instantly leverage data from your calendar, emails, playlists and more without you having to open the Home app on a phone and manually switch.

Home allows users to get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, sports, finance, local businesses, and more. Although unlike its Amazon rival, Google hasn't yet allowed third-party developers to publish applications that work with the device, it does feature some integrations that allow it to control your smart home devices, entertainment equipment, and place online orders.

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TS Evangelist
Yeah, I agree with that. It's pointless keeping tabs on just one person when there's a whole family in the offing to eavesdrop on then bother them all relentlessly with 'targeted ad's'. I heard that upcoming models will also feature ultra high resolution cameras with paint, adhesive resistant armoured lenses. There's also talk of one with a 360 deg. night vision camera especially designed for night stand use in the master bedroom.
They all cost a bomb but who expects Google to be so invasive for free?