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Google is untangling its Photos and Drive cloud storage services

By Humza
Jun 13, 2019
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  1. Google is making a few changes to how its Photos and Drive services sync together. The automatic syncing that happens between the two may be convenient for many but it's also caused some confusion among users who, for instance, might have deleted some photos from their Photos app only to discover later that they're gone from their Drive as well.

    In a bid to make things simpler, for regular users and G Suite customers, Google will now implement a more "granular control" over the services to prevent accidental changes and deletion of items across these two products.

    All new photos and videos and any deletions done in the Drive folder will not reflect in Photos and vice versa. Instead, if someone wants to add files from their Google Drive to Google Photos, there'll be an option to "Upload from Drive" on the Photo's website (photos.google.com) which "lets you manually choose photos and videos from Drive, including “Shared with Me” items, to import into Photos. Once copied, these items are not connected between the two products. Since photos and videos will no longer sync across both products, items copied in Original Quality will count towards your storage quota in both Drive and Photos."

    The company also mentioned in its blog post that the Backup and Sync app for Windows and Mac will continue to work. "As before, items uploaded in High Quality won’t count against your account storage quota, and items uploaded using Backup and Sync in Original Quality to both services will count only once towards your quota."

    Although these changes will take effect from July, all existing media in both the apps will remain unaffected. The new change will disable automatic syncing between the two so modifications or deletion in one app won't affect the same files in the other app.

    "Our goal with these changes is to simplify some features that caused confusion for our users, based on feedback and our own research. We’ll continue to look for more ways to help support Drive and Photos users going forward."

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  2. MonsterZero

    MonsterZero TS Evangelist Posts: 555   +307

    What the heck, now I have to have google Photo's storage and google drive storage?

    How dumb are people? Google Drive storage is to Google ad Microsoft OneDrive Storage is to Microsoft. It's one storage bucket, is that so hard to comprehend?

    I'm assuming this will enable google to open up additional fees for Google Photos Storage now....
  3. Danny101

    Danny101 TS Guru Posts: 739   +284

    Just create a separate app for photos, like they use to have, if users don't want to use Google Drive. I sure don't.

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