Google links opening random websites

By cwse07004
Sep 10, 2008
  1. Google links opening random websites. When doing a search on Google then trying to open any of the results, it opens a random website in a new window.
    I have tried running AVG scanner, regcure, ad-aware, superantispyware but made no difference. I am unable to install Firefox on the PC to try this, so I installed Trend Micro Hijack This and got the attached log from the scan. Can anyone help me get rid of this virus.
  2. tw0rld

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    Log looks clean. Are you using IE 6 or 7?

    restore IE to its default setting.
    It is also a good idea to Clear you Internet cache. Use Ccleaner to do this.

    Make sure that all you security programs are updated.

    Install and run this program:

    make sure that all the check boxes are selected in the cleaner window.

    also Install, update, and run this program;
  3. SpiritWind

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    Hi :

    I concur in using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to see if it helps. However, when it
    comes to cleaning "Caches" I recommend you use "ATF Cleaner", developed by
    antiSPYWARE Expert "ATribune" and available at his Site at
    INSTEAD of "CCLeaner", that has a dubious "Registry cleaner" .

    Also, your Log shows an out-of-date Adobe Reader, a serious security risk .
    Best to uninstall it and use the safer "Foxit Reader" from .
  4. cwse07004

    cwse07004 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cheers lads, I actually managed to get it fixed before I got your replies. I hit it with as much anti-spyware as possible, managed to get it with Spyware Doctor in the end. Thanks for the help though.
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