Google Maps' new features will make commutes more convenient and affordable

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Google is adding a handful of new features that will make its incredibly useful Google Maps service even more practical.

As Google Maps Product Manager Aditya Dhanrajani explains, the current iteration of Google Maps doesn’t account for common pit stops – like having to get gas or use the restroom. And once you do pull over to top off the tank, it can be a bit annoying to realize after the fact that a service station just down the road offers fuel at a much cheaper rate.

Google will soon be rolling out an update to Google Maps designed to make your next pit stop – be it for fuel for your vehicle or yourself – more convenient and affordable.

Once updated, you’ll notice a magnifying glass icon while in navigation mode. Simply tap it to get a drop-down filled with useful pit stop options including gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops. Alternately, you can tap the search icon or use voice commands to seek out whatever it is you’re looking for.

Best yet, you’ll be able to see how much time a particular detour will cost you and add it to your route instead of having to restart navigation each time you stop.

Dhanrajani said the new functionality will be rolled out in an update for Android users in the coming weeks. No word yet on when – or if – other mobile platforms will get the update.

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Very nice. Some handy inclusions here but unfortunately the price of petrol, paraffin and diesel (all oil based transportation fuel) is government regulated here. All service stations, resellers etc. have to charge the same price for their product so that'll be a bit of a useless feature to us. Although coastal region motion lotion tends to be a bit cheaper than inland prices, it remains the same for all coastal regions regardless of where on the coast you are.
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Why would you have to restart navigation after a stop? I get how handy it would be to factor in stops *before* you leave. And yes, it is annoying when Nav freaks out because you took an exit, "Please make a legal Uturn" always makes me smile. But that is why there is a pause nav option, and the time remaining is already dynamic.

But I digress, checking for cheapest gas close to me is a most welcome feature, and something that has been needed for a long time.


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I live in a rural area of Canada but recently traveled to Toronto. I have to say Google maps was amazing at predicting the fastest route as Toronto is notorious for traffic jams and accidents. I could see this new feature of cheapest gas being somehow integrated into your car to know when you're low on fuel. Maybe to your stomach too so it knows when you're hungry :)