Google passed Nokia in Q4 2010 market share

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Jan 31, 2011
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  1. Q4 2010 saw the worldwide smartphone market continue to soar, with shipments of 101.2 million units representing year-on-year growth of 89 percent. Shipments for the year were just below 300 million units, with an annual growth rate of 80 percent compared to 2009, according to Canalys.

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  2. aj_the_kidd

    aj_the_kidd TS Rookie Posts: 555

    Not that i am shocked that Google is #1, but to jump from 4.6 mil to 33.3 mil in one year that's impressive
  3. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Google technically isn't # 1 as cell phone supplier, but rather as OS supplier for the new units. However, after using an Android device for few months, I have few 'not so positive things' to say about it, biggest amongst them is the OS is so inefficient that if a program doesn't clearup resources once it has been closed, the remnants will continue to hog battery life, in fact I ran few tests to check it and I can confirm that if I put the device in 'offline / flight mode' and let few processes run in background the battery will be drained by about 20% (+) in 6 hours time, however, if I do 'clear out' the memory the battery drains at 1-2%. Other things include messaging will crash for no apparent reasons at any given time. Phone will crawl to absolute hangup at times, OS will automatically stop reading contacts from SIM etc. etc. ........... So it isn't all rosy for Android in my view. And I never had any issues with my 'ancient WinMo' device.
  4. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    What device do you have?
  5. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Samsung GT-i9000 (i.e. Galaxy S).
  6. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    Actually this is not true.

    Android will probably surpase Symbian soon, but they havnt yet.

    Canalys better get their facts straight
  7. CamaroMullet

    CamaroMullet TS Rookie Posts: 93

    Same here, same problems. No 2.2 for us yet. Have you tried custom roms? I haven't primarily sense mine is a work supplied phone. But I don't see us getting froyo anytime soon. :(
  8. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Yes I got it upgraded to Froyo, but it only improved performance not the stability. One thing which I left out from the previous post was ........ when I dial a number, the dialer will disappear from screen for 3-5 seconds, then re-appear and finally dial the number. I think these issues primarily arise due to 'Open' nature of Android, I am frankly not a big fan of "everything" Open Source, because of the quality/stability issues it can bring. Hence, as Samsung is responsible to roll out its own flavor of the tweaked Android OS for its devices is the root of such problems.

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